Buying Insurance Online is easy

It is always safe to be insured as you never know when you need to pay big bills at hospitals or suffer loss if your property is destroyed because of fire or earthquake.

With internet getting popular people are buying direct from company website online, itís easy fill in all your personal information and the risk you want to get covered for, the online calculator calculates the premium and you can pay via credit card or your debit card and instantaneously get covered, is safe and fast.

As insurance companies are approving new agents fast to increase the business, it has been noted that these new insurance agents are not able to deliver good customer support as most of the time they are not well trained or un-competent. Insurance companies create website with lot of information reading which allows customers to self understand the policy and make a decision, thus removing the barrier of middle man.

In Europe and USA insurance companies are very aggressive selling online rather than selling via their approved insurance agents, but in India insurance companies still heavily rely on the local insurance agent to sell and promote their policy among consumers. As technology will improve website user interface will be more interactive where people donít need to read to understand policy they want, rather smart software based tools will help consumers to decide on which policy to buy.

It is said in next 10 years time 70% of the business will be conducted online, and insurance companies are gearing up to take all their customer online so they can sell policy at lower premium and make it more affordable to average Indian citizen. If you type word Insurance on Google you will find several companies listed and willing to sell online, including big names like Bajaj Insurance, ICICI Lombard, HDFC, SBI Life, Tata AIG, LIC and several others.

People in India are scared doing any transaction over internet, they feel that their identity could be stolen and misused, with new advance browsing software online transaction is more secured, even Reserve Bank of India is promoting e-commerce as it wants to avoid business playing with sales figures, because once you are online everything is transparent.


Top Bajaj Life Insurance Policy

  • Health Insurance Plan
  • Accident Insurance Policy
  • 2 Wheeler Insurance
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Farm Property Insurance
  • Shop Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Critical Illness insurance
  • Family Group Insurance
  • Senior Citizen Insurance Plan
  • NRI Insurance Policy
  • Foreign Student Insurance
  • Factory Insurance Plan
  • Shipment Insurance Plan
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Corporate Employee Insurance
  • Group Insurance Policy
  • Pension Plan
  • Business Fire Insurance
  • Business Theft Insurance
  • Online Car Insurance
  • Project Insurance Policy
  • Machine Insurance
  • Bus / Truck Insurance
  • Oversea Travel Insurance
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